The New Facebook

I read an article today that got me thinking.  It was called “Over the Holidays, I Facebooked Your Mom.”  The title immediately caught my attention, not because it was funny, but because its true. 

In the four years I have been on Facebook, I’ve watched it grow and expand further than I ever expected.  What started as a network of college students posting inappropriate comments, embarrassing photos, and party invites has morphed into a place for colleagues, businesses and family to connect. 

Although taking four years of incriminating pictures down was a little labor intensive, I agree with this particle article: it is for the better.  Now we can spend hours Facebook-stalking people that actually matter (as opposed to a stranger that lived in the same dorm as us freshman year). 

And surprisingly, reading wall posts about my nephews, keeping up with my professors and checking out job prospects through the world of connected profiles is becoming more routine then strange.  

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