The number one question people seem to ask after you tell them what you do is “How did you get into that?” (especially when you say you are in advertising).  People have mixed opinions about our industry.  Some are indifferent, some view it as an annoyance, some even think that advertising is a direct descendent of everything evil and corporate.

And that is actually my favorite part of what I do.  I have encountered more than a handful of people that despise advertising, mostly I think because they don’t understand it.  I love talking to these people and more importantly showing them the ads that made me fall in love with the business.  

The ads that I love and that I count on to change people’s mind about advertising are the kind you will see on this page.  They are the ads that make you laugh out loud, bring a tear to your eye, or just downright amaze and inspire you…..and they usually get the cynics to give advertising a second thought, if only for a moment. 

So if you are a fellow ad junkie like me, I hope you enjoy this collection.  If you are on the other end of the spectrum, maybe this will change your mind.

Feel free to send me links to your favorites as well.  I am always looking to expand my repetoire!

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