The Masses are Fickle: Make Sure Your Offline Experience Doesn’t Disappoint

Today we are constantly hearing how digital media is about building a relationship with your customer.  Technology allows us to interact on an immediate basis, and customize brand experiences based on the individual preferences of the user, whether the medium is a social network, email campaign or search-optimized advertisement.  As a result, we have come to expect this level of personal attention and responsiveness.  But what happens when these relationships move offline?  What are you doing to impress your customer once they walk through the door?

I think many companies fail to go the extra mile, and in doing so miss a valuable opportunity to create lifetime customers.  As versatile and prevalent as digital media is, for most companies a brand experience will go offline at some point.  If your customer purchases a product or service and it does not live up to the expectations that you have created through their digital interactions, not only will they be disappointed, but you will also lose credibility.

Offline experiences are a chance to make a powerful impact and show customers that you genuinely care about their personal experience with your product or service.  It doesn’t take a grand gesture – just think about the little things that make your daily life easier and better. Tom Martin does a great job of summing up how small efforts can make a big difference on customer experiences, and your overall profitability.  Marketing can get your customer through the door, but it won’t keep them there.

In my opinion, your most valuable customer is the one you already have.

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