The End of NMDL

Tomorrow is my last meeting for the New Media Driver’s License class I have been taking through Michigan State University.  When I started the class, I had no idea what to expect.  Beyond Facebook and Gmail, I had no experience with using internet networks and tools.  If you would have asked me then to predict where I would be now, I would not have even come close to being right.

Just a few short months later, I am an avid Twitter user, spend multiple hours a week reading through blogs and participate in numerous discussions on LinkedIn.

Not only have I learned to use these tools on a personal level, I now use them to market the advertising agency I work for, King Media.  It has increased my value as employee and given me skills that are highly valuable in this market, specifically, my increased knowledge in search engine optimization, Google AdWords and PPC advertising.

I am looking forward to expanding the communities I engage in and finding new ones to contribute to.  NMDL has been a great resource for me; I recommend anyone that has an opportunity to participate in a program such as this one to do so! Check out my final thoughts and presentation.

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