Exploration into Digital Public Relations

This week I did some promotion for a conference Michigan State University is holding, “Consumer Culture and the Ethical Treatment of Children”.  The conference is bringing scholars from multiple disciplines to discuss child abuse and prevention in the media.

The conference will pool ground breaking research on the potential harmful and long-term effects media and its content has had on children.  Topics will include consumer socialization, violence and abuse, childhood obesity, advertising regulations, body image issues, social marketing and media literacy.

By encouraging discussion of ideas across disciplines, the conference hopes to develop innovative strategies to protect children, implement fair practices for the ethical treatment of children in regards to advertising and promote positive outcomes for children.

The keynote speaker will be Lawrence Kutner, Ph.D., recipient of The American Psychological Association’s 2008 Distinguished Lifetime Achievement in Psychology Award.  Co-sponsors include Children’s Central in the Department of Advertising, Public Relations and Retailing at Michigan State University, Michigan Children’s Trust, and Prevent Child Abuse America.

In the interest of helping my department score some free PR, I checked out FreePR.  The site was very easy to use, and let me choose categories that the release would be targeted towards.  The site also provides tools to increase visibility for reasonable prices.

I also did some local promotion by posting it to the user submitted article section of the online Lansing State Journal.  I have submitted articles before on LSJ.com, and like the fact that you can monitor user comment and discussion on the article.

My experience with online PR is that once you find the right websites, it is much simpler than you imagine.  The Digital Bus provides a great list of sites that provide free online press release distribution, check them out before you send out your next release!

One response to “Exploration into Digital Public Relations

  1. Thank you for promoting the conference this fall! I picked your blog up on my Google Alerts I have going on for MSU. Great Job!

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