The Fool Proof Plan for Not Living in your Parent’s Basement After Graduation

All you hear about lately is how bad the economy is, how companies are cutting budgets and how even the most talented business gurus are getting laid off.  For soon-to-be graduates, the situation seems dire.  However, there is one thing that can save you from living in your parent’s basement no matter what field of business you are in.

web_2_0_social_media_marketing_business_blog_consultantsThat’s right, digital media.  Professionals that are proficient in blogging, tweeting, becoming LinkedIn, ect. are in high demand.  Companies are engaging consumers like never before and those that don’t have little chance of surviving against today’s fierce competition.

Luckily, Generation Y is best equipped to be what these companies need – someone who truly understands how to build relationships through digital mediums.  Although this generation has grown up practically glued to a computer screen, mastering the digital marketing mix takes more than an unhealthy love Facebook though.

That’s where Michigan State University‘s new course, New Media Driver’s License, comes in.  This course teaches not only how to use digital media and social networks, but how to use them in a way that builds you or the company you work for a strong online presence.  Don’t pass up the opportunity to put yourself ahead of the curve – check out what this course can do for you.

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