Search Engine Optimization

I have always understood the idea behind search engine optimization.  You optimize a sight to increase search engine recognition and turn up higher in the results.  However, actually implementing search engine optimization is proves to be much more complicated than its description.

I visited SeoMoz, a site that offers free tools to better optimize your sight, to see what I could figure out.  The first thing I did was run a Crawl test.  The test lets you know if search engines are recognizing your page, if you have any inbound links, what your popular keywords are, and how many internal links you have on your site.

Luckily, my report wasn’t too bad.  I have 9 pages that Google has indexed and 7 that Yahoo has indexed.  What’s hurting me the most is the lack of inbound links to my site, so that will be a focus for me in the next few weeks.  I also don’t have meta tags for any of my pages.  I looked into the topic on WordPress support, and to my surprise it said that I don’t really need them.

According to the article, due to user abuse of meta tags, search engines don’t place as much importance on them as they once did.  Wordpress is designed so the category and tags you add to posts works almost identically to a meta tag.  This puts into perspective how important relevant tags are to driving traffic to a site.

As for the matter of inbound links, I joined Digg to begin promoting my site and already am part of Technorati, so hopefully it will come with time.  I have also been prompting people to check out my blog on Twitter, hoping to gain some avid followers.  For now my self-taught lessons in SEO will continue…I think I might be getting the hang of it!

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