Social Network Addictions

After I joined the New Media Driver’s License class, we were encouraged to branch out from our dependence on Facebook and test out some new social networks.  More specifically, LinkedIn and Twitter.  After spending the last couple of weeks learning about these sites and connecting with people, I have realized that social networks are about so much more than being social.


Twitter has become one of my number one resources.  I have connected with so many intelligent, helpful people in my industry.  It is like having hundreds of mentors directly at your finger tips, and I have become hopelessly addicted.   A lot of people argue about the real value of “tweeting” though.  Does it really get you any where?  In my experience so far, it most definitely does.  However, it forces you to do the unthinkable – give to others with no expectations.

Joining a social network with the expectation that people will immediately give you the keys to the kingdom (referrals, a job, ect.) will get you nowhere fast.  I have found the best policy is to listen. Read the articles people recommend, follow their favorites, and most importantly thank them for the things they share!  By doing this, I have started to have real conversations with professionals in my field, and build real relationships that I am confident will benefit both of us.  Twitter has put me on the path to cultivating partnerships in “the real world”.

So in the interest of giving props to the people who I love to follow, heres a list you should check out.

kevinpalmer, davidalston, chrisbrogan, davefleet, mikenolan99, dannybrown, TDefren, justcreativemediaphyter, eyecube, dmullen….ok so there’s too many to list.  Come visit me on Twitter and check out who I’m following – they offer a lot of great wisdom on social media, marketing, PR, ect.

As for LinkedIn, I have had a similar positive experience.  My favorite part of LinkedIn is the groups I have become a part of.  Much like Twitter, they consist of a running feed from group members about articles, industry news, and relevant advice.  Best part? You can get email updates on what people are chatting about.

The more I use these networks, the more addicted I become, and surprisingly I’m glad!

3 responses to “Social Network Addictions

  1. Hey thanks for the props Amanda. And great writeup on Twitter and Linkedin. Truly understanding the power that both of these networks can bring you definitely gives you an advantage in today’s world.

  2. Historically, I’ve struggled w twitter, specifically, I always felt like I was missing something. You are actually the first person to have articulated the whys and hows of Twitter enough to motivate me to try this again. Thx.

    • I am glad it helped! I struggled for a while to figure it out as well, but now that I am getting the hang of it I love it! Yesterday I just had a conference call with a contact I met on Twitter about a new green initiative…you will be suprised with who you can connect with!

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