Google Adwords


My latest project has been focused on making sure people are actually reading this blog.  So to do this, I invested in a Google Adwords campaign.  Just like most things digital, Adwords have become a buzz word that a lot of people use but don’t understand, myself included.

Setting up the account was surprisingly easy.  Since I already have Gmail, my info was already set up and it only took a few minutes to create my campaign.  I went for simple and straight forward  – Digital Marketing: Exploration into how digital media can help your company grow.

I registered about twenty key words, ranging from Michigan State University to my digital marketing  professor, Derek Mehraban, to increasing return on investment through digital marketing.  I figured the more words I registered, the better chances I would have. Some of the keywords I chose were general, like digital marketing and viral campaigns, but some were very specific, like Amanda Bendrey’s blog on new media.

So far, I would have to say that although it was easy to register, it is much harder to actually get my ad to show up.  I set my budget relatively low (I am a college student) so I am guessing this is to blame. I have searched my specific keywords multiple times over the last few days to no avail.

So my experiment with Google Adwords will continue, hopefully with more success.  I may have to break down and increase my budget.  Stay tuned for updates!

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