Live Networking

Its a question thats been asked since social networking, instant messaging and email have surpassed traditional means of communication.  Is the internet diminishing our ability to connect in person?  I used to think it might.

Then I found MeetUp . Finally, a site that uses social networks to connect people face to face.  The site allows you to create a profile and search for groups categories that interest you.  The best part? You also search by area, so you can attend group meetups in your area.

I decided to give it a test run with a group called Lansing Top Dog Networking. The group’s mission is to connect business professional and entrepreneurs in the area to share ideas, resources and success stories.  I attended my first meeting on January 14th, and have to say that I was presently surprised.thumb_6940316

A group of nine of us met at a cafe and really did connect without our favorite security blanket (read: the internet).  We exchanged networking tips, personal business stories and favorite “must reads”.  Our next meeting is on January 28th, which I will definitely be attending.thumb_6940315

The moral of the story?  Social networks can be the best tool there is to  generate live meetings.

2 responses to “Live Networking

  1. Hi Amanda,
    Great article….thanks. I’m so glad the connection was there for you. We all just need to get back to basics, don’t we?
    See you at the next meetup.

  2. Your timing with this article was just perfect. As I was writing up my little blur about social networking, MeetUp was one of the strong contenders I am thinking about joining. Great job Amanda!

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