Navigating the Digital Generation

Growing up in a generation that has become almost completely digital, you would think that I would be an expert in the alternative universe that is the internet.  However, what I’ve learned is that if you stop paying attention, technology will blow past you before you realize it.  As an advertising major a few short months away from graduation at MSU, this realization prompted a brief  !#$FREAK OUT*&%


So here I am, in a class called New Media Driver’s License.  It is Michigan State University’s first experiment with arming their students for the ever evolving digital world.  My hope is that by the end of this course, I will become one more member of the new media movement.

I have some experience using digital media and networking sites.  Of course, being a college student, I am already an active part of the Facebook. For four years I have been posting pics, writing on walls and finding friends.  My entire college life is documented….which could be a good or bad thing.  Now I will move on to bigger and better things: blogging, tweeting, and the whole nine yards. Wish me luck!

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